Start the New Year with a Clean Face

Hi, sorry I was not able to write for the past month, but I am back now, and you can expect steady posts from me every Wednesday and Sunday. As we have “newly” entered 2020, it is time to start the year fresh. Your skin deserves all the love, and you can give that love by following some guidelines. I don’t know about your New Year’s resolutions but, mine is to take better care of myself this year. Who else have we got, if not ourselves? So to ring in the new year clean and fresh here are some tips to let your skin breath. Let’s turn your skin care into a routine you can enjoy and continue throughout the year.

Clean your face

Never go to sleep without cleansing your face. Yes, there are days you get into bed, and there is no force that can get you out. That is fine, we all have those days, honestly. Just keep wet wipes or cotton balls with micellar water next to your bed. This will make sure even when you can’t get out of bed, you can keep your face clean and makeup-free. When you can indeed clean your face wash your face with a good face wash, tone and moisturize. This is a very important routine to keep and use every day.


We always talk about moisturizing, but how often do we actually listen to it? Well, the answer should really be every day. Incorporate a moisturization process to your make-up, shower, bedtime routines. Your face needs hydration, especially over time when we start to age. All that moisturizing will stop the appearance of wrinkles. Incorporating a good moisturizer to your skincare/ make up routine.

After the new year’s party that you may have digested alcohol, salty or sweet treats which all cause dehydration in your body. Dehydration makes your skin look dull and tired. So make sure to drink lots of water every day and moisturize your skin.


Alcohol, pollution, cigarettes which can be found in party environments, they all feed the free radicals. These free radicals cause your face to age and look dull. So, make sure you are eating fresh. Add fruits and veggies that are rich in oxidants to your diet and get the best results that will last all year long.  Some fruits and vegetables that are rich in oxidants are blueberries, strawberry, plums, oranges, grapes, cherries, mangos, kale, spinach, broccoli, beets. You can read more about these fruits and vegetables.

Sun Protection

Protect your skin from the sun regardless of the weather.  It doesn’t matter if it is snowing out and you don’t even see the sun. The damages of the sun the UV rays will always find you even when you can’t see the sun out. So always make sure to wear sunscreen, no matter the weather or time of the month. The negative effects are still there, even when you are freezing your butt off. Never forget Always.Wear.Sunscreen.

Wrong Cosmetics

Be sure to check what you are putting on your skin. Read the labels and make sure it is paraben, perfume, dye free. Some of us that apply makeup daily, putting wrong and/or dangerous makeup can do so much harm in the long and the short run.  Please read labels before applying makeup or any time of skin care product on your skin. I stumbled upon an app, Think Dirty, and when you scan the product it tells you how bad it is for you and what the ingredients are and what they mean. It really is awesome. Also, this is not sponsored by Think Dirty. When I see articles like this, I sometimes think they might be sponsored, so I wanted to clarify that.

Stop Touching Your Face

I do this A LOT, and I know it is horrible for my skin. Picking on pimples, when I’m nervous or angry. I always touch my face. And all the dirt and bacteria just gets clogged into your pores and creates more pimples and makes things worse. So this new year, let’s make a promise together to try our hardest not touch our face.

I hope these tips helped you, I am sure there is nothing new you did not know but sometimes all it takes to read something and decide to take action. I hope that I could get you to take action and start taking better care of your face. When we read stuff, it usually makes sense, and you know you should.  But it is usually hard to actually take action and apply what you already know 😉

If you have any comments or questions please do ask down in the comments section I will answer them 

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