Skincare Tips to a Revitalized Skin by Valentine’s Day

We have less than a week until Valentine’s day, and if you are feeling down, maybe it is time to freshen up. Showing love to yourself should be the main aspect of Valentine’s Day, and the best way to show yourself love other than pampering yourself. With these skin care tips for Valentine’s Day, you will feel better now, and your face will look ready and amazing for Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter if you are celebrating it or not have a day with you most amazing and glowing skin of the year with these tips.

1.Wash your face daily

Until Valentine’s Day make sure to wash your face daily and use a good face scrub like Himalaya or La Roche-Posay.

2. Drink water

Drink more water. At least 6-8 glasses of pure water will help to re-hydrate your skin.

3. Moisturize

Moisturize your face daily, it is better if you moisturizer especially after washing your face as the moisturizer will be able to penetrate into your skin better on a damp face.

4. Go without makeup

Personally, I think this one is the hardest out of them all. However, it works like a charm as your face needs a detox. Try to go a week without makeup if possible. All the chemicals and the foundation in your pores tires out your skin. This will really revitalize your skin and make you ready for valentines day.

5. Stay away from sugar

Sugar ages skin and makes your skin look dull. To have a fresh look for valentines day stay away from sweets and sugar for at least a week. It will also help you look less bloated for Valentine’s day.

6. Face mask

Try a face mask today and the day before Valentine’s Day to get the best results. It will supplement all the moisture your skin needs, and you can get one that has extra ingredients in it to get the supplements you need depending on your skin type. Here are some couple face masks you can use to get ready for Valentine’s Day.  

7. Sleep

Sleep is an important factor, which is why there is something called beauty sleep. Resting will allow your skin to regenerate more collagens and heal itself as well as get rid of those pesky dark circles and puffiness under your eyes. You want to be well rested to look your best.

8. Eye serum

If you have more excess dark under eye circles than you may want to try eye serums to get better results. If it is genetic, then there is not much to do but to accept who you are (you can also use a concealer if that is what you want). But if dark circles under your eyes are not genetic than you can use these eye serums you can use to get the well-rested face.

By following these steps, you will heal and rejuvenate your skin just in time Valentine’s Day. You can also continue taking these steps for a continued clear and unblemished skin. If you have any questions or additions, please write them on the comments section.

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