Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Last Minute Gift Ideas

It is almost Valentine’s day! If you are clueless about what to get for your other half, I can help with that.

Gift Ideas for Him

It feels like it would be super easy to get gifts for guys but, it can be pretty hard when you start thinking about what to get. I love sentimental gifts that will mean so much more than some material object.

However, there are some material objects I will write about if you do not have the time for the perfect sentimental gift. This post can also help you get ideas for the next event such as a birthday or anniversary if you do not have the time to create these gifts.


This can be a cute gift to get for Valentine’s Day. Wallets for men are easy to shop for since they are all so similar to each other. Once you get a nice wallet for him, every time he pays for something he will see the wallet and be reminded of you. You can also put a photo of the two of you inside the wallet so he can have a physical photo of the two of you with him at all times.


A belt is another easy gift for your significant other as long as you know their size. However, keep in mind that just getting one belt as a gift can be too small of a gift. Of course, it all depends on your relationship. .

Dress shirt

A dress shirt can be a nice gift if you know his size. You can combine it with the gift above, a belt. A belt and a dress shirt would make a nice combo. You can also add a tie to the combo to make it easier for him to dress up the shirt.


Items relating to the special moments from your relationship can make cute gifts. If you ever talked about something that you can buy or an inside joke that can be turned into a gift they all would make a great gift.

Memory book

You can also make a scrapbook of all the photos and things you have gathered from your dates. You can print out the photos and make a collage adding quotes or anecdotes under the photos. Add the photos and mementos in chronological order as it will make it more fun to see how your relationship has developed over time. This is a gift that will take some time, so make sure you have enough time.

Love in a jar

Get a mason jar and couple pieces of colored paper. Cut the paper into rectangles in equal parts and think of your partner and what you love about him or her. Then start writing the reasons why you love them. Write at least 50 reasons, then fold the paper and put it in your mason jar. Close the lid and make a label “50 Reasons I Love You”. This will be a perfect gift, which is sentimental and a way to show how and why you love your partner.

Some examples could be: I love the way you smile, I love how you always carry hand sanitizer, I love your baking, I love how you always want to introduce me to everyone you meet, I love that you understand me, I love how you always take care of me, I love how you dressed me up in Cleveland so I wouldn’t get sick etc. It can be anything that you love about your partner, which is also a great way to show that you appreciate your partner.

Date ideas jar

Here is another Valentine’s Day gift idea in a jar. Think of all the date activities you want to do this year. It can also include date spots or activities you have already tried but want to go again. Write it all on colored paper then fold the paper and put it in your jar. You can also write your ideas on sticks and put them in a mason jar. This would end up being a gift for your relationship rather than a gift only for your partner.

Here are some date ideas to get you started: Dinner date at a restaurant you both loved, picnic by the beach, couples massage, horseback riding etc.

Memorabilia of their favorite team

If your partner has a favorite team or a show that they really love you can get a collectible item or memorabilia of that team, show or game. You can get slippers, blankets, car accessories, t-shirts. The sky is the limit for these types of gifts. He will love and always use your gift as his favorite person got his favorite object.


This can be a hard gift to get if you are unsure of the shoe size and the style he likes. But if you already know, then it can be super fun. If he has his eyes on a nice pair of sneakers, you can get it for him – and you would know he will love it.

Something that can relate to how the relationship started

Small gifts that are related to the way your relationship started or a gift that would mean something to both you from your relationship could make a cute gift. For example, If you both met on a plane and you started talking about something get a gift that relates to the plane ride or that subject that had the both of you talking.

Make an appointment

If they mentioned a place like a restaurant or a vacation spot you can make reservations to go to those places. It would be a great way to relax and enjoy each others company in a different setting. Again this would be an awesome gift for the two of you not just for your partner.

Couples manicure, spa, and massage

You can book and pay for a couples retreat where you can both get a manicure or a massage together. Would be an awesome bonding and relaxing activity for the two of you.

If you have any more ideas on what to get for your partner, you can write it down in the comments section below. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed these ideas. I hope it has helped you find a great gift idea for your partner.

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