Fun and Unique Date Ideas

I have been thinking of different date ideas, interesting activities you can do with someone you do. It doesn’t need to be a date with the opposite gender whom you love. It can easily be a date idea with your mom sister or best friend.

I always try to think of interesting and different activities to do. Helps me socialize and learn new things. Spending quality time with someone you love can be hard if you don’t know what to do.

Now let’s get to the list of interesting activities you can do with a loved one. Of course, the activities you can do will vary by the city/country/region you are in. But these ideas can also help you by coming up with more date ideas.


Check Groupon for different activities in your area. You’d be surprised at kinds of activities you can find on there. If you cannot find anything that interests you on Groupon, it can at least give you some ideas took to look into. You never know what will spark an idea.


Bowling may sound a little redundant as it is not anything new, however going on a bowling date can be super fun nevertheless. It can be fun to get a little competitive and to make it more fun you can make a bet. Whoever loses can buy dinner after bowling.


Traveling together can be super fun. The plane ride, planning and discovering new places together can all be super fun. However, you need to be comfortable with your relationship to travel together.

Traveling with someone can be a huge step forward and a way to test your relationship. It can cause stress which can put a strain on your relationship. If everything works out, this can be a great way to get to know each other better. If you are in a good place in your relationship, you can make a plan to travel somewhere new and make a great date out of it.

Studying together

Studying together can really bring people together for the better. Working towards a subject with your significant other can really make things interesting. You do not have to work on the same topic or work towards a common goal.

The two of you can be working on two different things, but just being in each others company can be endearing. You can sit across from each other and work on your own stuff.

White water rafting

Fun activities will bring joy and excitement to your relationship. Sometimes we can feel like we are in a rut so these fun and unexpected activities really can bring us closer to our loved ones. You will be literally on the same boat and can have fun together. Get wet and have a great workout on the water. Implementing new experiences into your relationship will help you keep things fresh and interesting.


Being alone in the woods and having to do things manually can be really fun. Of course, it depends on who you are going with and if they are into the whole being in the woods situation. But if they are good with the idea of camping, then you should make a date out of it.


Not everyone has the skills to paint, but it still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. This is a fun packed activity, and it doesn’t matter how well you can draw or paint. This activity allows you to do something different with your significant other.

They have events around the city you can join, and have fun with your partner. The event provides you with all the equipment you need, so you do not have to deal with the mess.

Learning something new

Learning something new can be very rewarding especially when you do it with someone you love. You can learn together and teach each other if there is anything one of you doesn’t understand. It can be a reason to meet up and spend time together. You may not have heard this but couples who study together stay together.

Writing a story together

This is an intricate activity that not many people could do. However, if you and your date are the creative types, then you can give it a try. You can brainstorm and write a story together while spending time together.

This may not sound fun to some people or maybe even seem like a chore. However, coming up with an idea, then writing about it together can be a great idea to bring more fun into your relationship.

Eye-wear shopping

Eyeglass shopping may sound odd, but it can be super fun when done with the right person. You don’t have to wear glasses to go to eyewear shopping. You can go in and put on glasses and see how they look. It can be fun to try on glasses and have your significant other make comments on how they look on you.


Romantic comedies have shown us that baking or cooking with your partner can be super fun and romantic. Try baking cupcakes or cookies with your partner so you can mess around with the decorations.

Creating something together with your partner would be fun, and you can enjoy the treats when you are done. It’s a fun and productive date idea that never gets dull.

Learning a new activity

Just like learning something new or studying together, learning a new activity together can be super fun when done with someone you love. You can take boxing, kickball, surfing, etc. It can be any activity that you always wanted to try.

Taking up a new activity with your partner will make the activity feel more special. It would also be super productive, and more fun than just a dinner date.

Ice skating

If you have ever watched the movie Serendipity you know how romantic and fun ice skating can be. It is a fun activity regardless, but it can be even more fun as a date when done with someone you love. Next time you are deciding on what to do for a date do not forget to consider ice skating.

Trying something new

Trying new tastes and places while creating new memories is always fun. When you try new things, the memory of it is more memorable and makes a place on your mind. We as humans remember our first experiences.

Even if the activity you do or the place you go to is not the best, you can still have fun. You can make fun of the experience together and decide to never go back there. However, the memory of that day will forever be on your mind.

Here we talked about 14 different date ideas you can try. What do you think of them?

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