Awesome Rose Gold Home Decor Under $25 from Amazon

I love shopping online especially on Amazon because I can find whatever I am looking for, so it makes it easier to shop. So for this week, I have an Amazon product post. It is all about home decor in rose gold for a sophisticated and elegant look. I love white with marble and rose gold accent colors to bring the decor together. And this week I found some great products under $25.

If you make a purchase from the link I have provided, I can earn a commission from it. However, the commission is just a by-product, I only added the ones I honestly found cute and affordable.

Now let’s get to it:


Rose gold wall clock, a great accessory for your room for an elegant look into your room. Especially if your room is mostly white, this pop of color will do wonders.

Rose gold clock

Rose candle that looks and smells amazing. The design of the candle looks astonishing and surely will become an aesthetic goal. A room that you will want to spend time in.

Rose gold and black hangers Rose gold and black hangers to make you feel luxurious. Hanging all your clothes on one of these bad boys will make you feel like a boss. Also, such an adult thing to have matching hangers that look this good. The devil is in the detail.

If you have a desk in your bedroom or in your office, this desk organizer will look good and make you more organized.

Great find for a bedroom or office space. This wall organizer allows you to organize your thoughts and make them appear fashionable.

For a boho decor in your room, these rose gold lights will do the trick. Hang them above your desk or bed and add some photos next to them if you like. Such a tumblr room.

I normally just use my phone’s alarm clock , but I do want to switch into a bedside alarm clock. For one thing, sleeping with your phone next to you is super dangerous. So, for a new bedside alarm clock, this one seems great.


This rose gold hanging shower caddy was too cute to pass. The curves and amounts of space it has seems amazing. There is space for all your shower needs.

Rose gold towel rack to rack up those towels in your bathroom and open up space.

To store and organize your hair styling tools this organizer is great. There is space for your hair drier, straightener or curler. Style your hair and just store your tools in its designated space.

Living room

This rose gold sequin throw pillow has so many good reviews, and it is for a reason. It has a soft and nice satin back. It can be used both in the living room and the bedroom. bedroom.

Rose gold frame

A great way to add an accent color into your living room can be by a photo frame. This rose gold photo frame has the right amount of rose gold to bring a soft living room together.

Oh these table lamps… So pretty. They are not under $25, so I am adding these as a bonus. I just fell in love with how cute and elegant they looked.


Rechargeable Digital Kitchen Scale will allow you to weigh your food and help you get in shape. It also looks super cute and fancy.

French press

If you love coffee and start your mornings with coffee, this french press will come in handy and will look good in your kitchen.

If you are going to cook, you will need some cooking utensils. So why not get some that are stylish and will add an elegant look into your kitchen.

Another must in every kitchen is a salt and pepper shaker set. So here is a rose gold version if you are into rose gold as much as me.

Mug and cup holder for your kitchen. Has a simple design that would look nice in any kitchen.

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